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September 2017

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Unlike any other police testing preparation service in Canada, Police Test Tutor draws on contributions from experienced specialists to equip students with all of the necessary resources for launching and establishing a successful career in law enforcement.

Ideal for use in college policing, border services, and correctional services courses, this vital program consists of strategically designed practice tests for the PATI, WCT, and BPAD, the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test, the CBSA and CSC, the Special Constable (Ontario) GCT2 and WPT, and Provincial Corrections (Ontario). If adopted for course use, students will receive a package containing an interview guide, BPAD video resources, instant test results sent to students via email, and complete solutions to student exercises. In addition, users will be offered career planning assistance from a certified resume and career strategist team, and granted access to a job board offering the latest postings for officers in Canada.

With an equal focus on exam support and career planning, Police Test Tutor continues to nurture a meaningful education experience for policing candidates across Canada.

*Police Test Tutor is accredited through the Better Business Bureau


Amy Bjerknes

Amy Bjerknes is a College Police Foundations Professor, former Police Officer, and former Canada Border Services Officer. Amy was recently nominated for the 2017 Outstanding Career Professional Award of Excellence.


“I have used this service both for studying…as well as to revamp my resume and cover letter…. I would highly recommend this service for all of your law enforcement related needs!”

“Police Test Tutor is an outstanding service! Not only is the study material up to date, easy to follow and carefully laid out, but the customer service is exceptional! Simply above and beyond!”

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