Canadian scholars
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
2009 the push to prescribe cvr
  • July 2009
  • 9780889614789
  • $49.95 Print

The Push to Prescribe

Women and Canadian Drug Policy
Anne Rochon Ford, Diane Saibil
In recent years, heated debate has surrounded the pharmaceutical industry and how it has gained unprecedent...
2009 anti racist health care cvr
  • April 2009
  • 9781551303550
  • $59.95 Print

Anti-Racist Health Care Practice

Elizabeth McGibbon, Josephine Etowa
Building on an everyday clinical practice perspective, the authors provide clear and detailed definitions o...
2008 dissonant disabilities cvr
  • March 2008
  • 9780889614642
  • $54.95 Print

Dissonant Disabilities

Women with Chronic Illnesses Explore Their Lives
Diane Driedger, Michelle Owen
This much-needed collection of original articles invites the reader to examine the key issues in the lives ...
2005 social work in health and mental health cvr
  • August 2005
  • 9781551302782
  • $59.95 Print

Social Work in Health and Mental Health

Issues, Developments and Actions
Tuula Heinonen, Anna Metteri
Social Work in Health and Mental Health: Issues, Developments, and Actions was created for final year under...
2005 wellness and work cvr
  • August 2005
  • 9781551302768
  • $44.95 Print

Wellness and Work

Employee Assistance Programming in Canada
Rick Csiernik
Employee Assistance Programming has evolved from a mechanism of social control to a major force for heatlh ...
2004 social work practice and the elderly cvr
  • August 2004
  • 9781551302331
  • $54.95 Print

Social Work Practice and the Elderly, 3rd Edition

Michael Holosko
This third edition of Social Work Practice with the Elderly describes significant practice issues and curre...
2004 using alternative therapies cvr
  • May 2004
  • 9781551302645
  • $29.95 Print

Using Alternative Health Therapies

A Qualitative Analysis
Jacqueline Low
This book provides a distinctive sociological inquiry into the perspectives and social issues surrounding t...
2004 politics and poetics of migration cvr
  • March 2004
  • 9781551302720
  • $34.95 Print

Politics and Poetics of Migration

Narratives of Iranian Women from the Diaspora
Parin Dossa
This book uses gendered stories of displacement and re-settlement to interrogate our understanding of socia...