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Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Fpmse frontcover approved rgb
  • August 2018
  • 9781773380704
  • $49.95 Print

Fundamentals of the Psychiatric Mental Status Examination

A Workbook
Cheryl Webster Pollard
This practical and highly accessible workbook allows students and practitioners-in-training to gain the ski...
2018 drugparadox cvr
  • June 2018
  • 9781773380520
  • $59.95 Print

The Drug Paradox

An Introduction to the Sociology of Psychoactive Substances in Canada
Tara Bruno, Rick Csiernik
Why are some drugs considered socially acceptable while others are demonized? In Canada today, drugs are vi...
2017 responding to the oppression of addiction cvr
  • April 2017
  • 9781551309330
  • $73.95 Print

Responding to the Oppression of Addiction, Third Edition

Canadian Social Work Perspectives
Rick Csiernik, William S. Rowe
Substantially revised, the third edition of Responding to the Oppression of Addiction brings together the v...
2016 concise introduction to mental health in canada cvr
  • September 2016
  • 9781551309064
  • $84.95 Print

A Concise Introduction to Mental Health in Canada, Second Edition

Elliot Goldner, Emily Jenkins, Dan Bilsker
A Concise Introduction to Mental Health in Canada offers a unique contribution to the mental health literat...
2016 autism spectrum cvr
  • August 2016
  • 9781551309125
  • $59.95 Print

Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Ontario Context

An Introduction
Kimberly Maich, Carmen Hall
Accessible and engaging, Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Ontario Context provides students with a thorough ...
2016 substance use 2e cvr
  • April 2016
  • 9781551308913
  • $84.95 Print

Substance Use and Abuse, Second Edition

Everything Matters
Rick Csiernik
Substance Use and Abuse provides both students and practitioners in the field of addiction counselling with...
2013 mad matters cvr
  • March 2013
  • 9781551305349
  • $67.95 Print
  • $62.95 eBook

Mad Matters

A Critical Reader in Canadian Mad Studies
Brenda A. LeFrançois, Robert Menzies, Geoffrey Reaume
In 1981, Toronto activist Mel Starkman wrote: "An important new movement is sweeping through the western wo...
2011 homelessness, housing, and mental health cvr
  • June 2011
  • 9781551303901
  • $69.95 Print

Homelessness, Housing, and Mental Health

Finding Truths — Creating Change
Cheryl Forchuk, Rick Csiernik, Elsabeth Jensen
Some say mental illness is the last great stigma remaining in our communities. This book is a collection of...
2009 the push to prescribe cvr
  • July 2009
  • 9780889614789
  • $49.95 Print

The Push to Prescribe

Women and Canadian Drug Policy
Anne Rochon Ford, Diane Saibil
In recent years, heated debate has surrounded the pharmaceutical industry and how it has gained unprecedent...
2005 social work in health and mental health cvr
  • August 2005
  • 9781551302782
  • $59.95 Print

Social Work in Health and Mental Health

Issues, Developments and Actions
Tuula Heinonen, Anna Metteri
Social Work in Health and Mental Health: Issues, Developments, and Actions was created for final year under...