Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Submit your book idea

Academic Publishing

Canadian Scholars Book Proposal Guidelines: Our titles are used primarily as texts in post-secondary courses, and are published under both our Canadian Scholars and Women’s Press imprint. We publish an extensive range of academic books, with specialization in quality undergraduate and graduate level textbooks in the social sciences and humanities.

If you teach at the post-secondary level, we invite your proposal for a text or reader. Book proposals should include the following:

  • your name, institutional affiliation, and complete contact information
  • brief personal biography
  • brief outline of the project, including working title, approach, and reasons why the work is important
  • information about whether a subvention or grant in aid of publication is available
  • please indicate if the book is a reader, contributed volume, or original text
  • projected length of book in printed pages and manuscript pages
  • plans for the art program (e.g., number of photographs, line drawings, maps) and whether you have had any experience securing permissions in the past
  • detailed table of contents
  • draft introduction and one or two sample chapters
  • information about what potential supplementary materials, if any, should be planned for the book (instructor’s manual, test bank, web site)
  • information about any special features or pedagogical elements, if any, you might incorporate into the text (glossaries, key terms, questions for critical thought)
  • the size and characteristics of the target audience for the book, specifically:
    • if your project is a viable candidate for the US or world market and why
    • appropriate level of audience (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year)
    • if proposed text is intended to be the primary or supplemental course text
    • the course number, length, and enrollment that your project would fit at your institution
    • the names of other courses in which your project might be adopted (please be as specific as possible when listing courses and include typical enrollments if known)
    • whether you or any of the contributors (if an edited collection) would be adopting the proposed book (please list course names and typical enrollments)
  • please list the major competing texts and outline how your project differs from the major competitors
  • names, addresses, and email addresses of three to five scholars who could assess the work objectively
  • timetable for your completion of the work


Please email proposals or queries to editorial@canadianscholars.ca

We do not accept manuscripts that are in the process of multiple submissions.

While Canadian Scholars receives large numbers of proposals, we aim to exceed industry standards for prompt feedback to prospective authors.

Please do not submit original artwork or full manuscripts.

To mail submissions, please send them to:

Canadian Scholars/Women’s Press
425 Adelaide Street West, Suite 200
Toronto, ON M5V 3C1

Note: If you wish your work to be returned, a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient Canadian postage must be included. Submissions sent from outside of Canada that use non-Canadian stamps on the SASE will not be returned.

Praise for Publishing with Canadian Scholars/Women’s Press

“Canadian Scholars has provided me with one of the most professional and most collegial publishing experiences of my career. The Canadian Scholars team is highly competent, efficient, responsive to authors requests, and manuscripts move quickly though the production process. For this reason, I have published two books (so far) with Canadian Scholars.”
—Harald Bauder, Department of Geography, Ryerson University
“I have published eight books with Canadian Scholars and am now in the processing of completing two more. I have found all the Canadian Scholars staff—from acquisitions editors to proofreaders—to be careful, professional, and thorough. What is especially useful is Canadian Scholars’ use of external reviewers, who invariably provide many useful suggestions as to book content and form.”
—Dennis Raphael, School of Health Policy and Management, York University
“Publishing with Women’s Press was the best publishing experience I’ve had. At every step of the process the staff was caring, communicative and supportive. They seemed genuinely interested in the book and excited to be bringing it into the world. As editors we were consulted on everything from the book cover design to publicity strategies. It was truly a pleasure to work with the team at Women’s Press.”
—Marnina Gonick, Canada Research Chair in Gender, Mount Saint Vincent University
“Given my varied experiences with the journal peer review and publication process, I approached Canadian Scholars over 15 years ago rather warily as a relatively new academic with my inaugural book proposal. From the onset I was treated in a respectful, professional, and honest manner. I found that I was supported in my writing with timely and appropriate critique and peer review of my chapters. After the writing was completed, I was kept apprised of the manuscript’s status through the final editing, preparation, and promotional phases. I am currently completing my eighth book with Canadian Scholars, and their support from development through to publication remains outstanding.”
—Rick Csiernik, School of Social Work, King’s University College at Western Ontario
“Diane Saibil and I have nothing but praise for our experience with Women’s Press. They worked professionally, in a timely manner, and with a good deal of compassion for the challenges of working on a book with multiple authors!”
—Anne Rochon Ford, Project Lead, National Network on Environments and Women’s Health
“The publishing process can be daunting, especially for first time authors. The entire team at Canadian Scholars, from the acquisitions editors through to copy editors and marketing representatives, is incredible. The team at CPSI is professional, efficient, helpful, and dedicated to the success of its books—a commitment that continues even after the book is published. I will definitely publish with them again.”
—Dan Irving, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University
“From the moment I contacted Canadian Scholars, I experienced caring professionals whose expertise in each phase of the publishing process helped me to produce a fine book. Lifelong Learning as Critical Action won the 2014 Cyril O. Houle Award for Outstanding Literature in Adult Education from the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. I am deeply grateful to Canadian Scholars for putting my manuscript through a rigorous review process and careful copyediting to assist me in producing a book that has made a real impact in my field.”
—André Grace, Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta
“The high calibre of the Canadian Scholars editors and the extensive consultation process with scholars in the field result in books that offer a high-quality response to teaching needs.”
—Lori G. Beaman, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa
Submit your book idea

Canadian Scholars College

This collection promotes affordable, easy-to-digest textbooks for students enrolled in vocational programs such as business, health and human services, communication and media studies, and Indigenous studies. In many cases, these books evolved from content instructors created for their own courses. Canadian Scholars College was conceived to highlight valuable research undertaken by college faculty members.

Browse Canadian Scholars College

We have rounded up several textbooks that are practice-oriented and written with professional preparation programs in mind. Here are some popular textbooks being used in college classrooms across Canada:

Professional Communications in the Public Sector
Working with Families
Designs for Disciplines, 2nd edition
Substance Use and Abuse, 2nd edition
Trauma-Informed Youth Justice in Canada
Strong Helpers’ Teachings
Developing Public Policy

Request a complimentary hard copy of one or more of these publications by contacting Acquisitions Editor Colin Owen at 416-929-2774 ext. 241 or email colin.owen@canadianscholars.ca

Write the perfect book for your students

Canadian Scholars is venturing on an exciting new vision to publish more textbooks that package theory with practice to prepare students to enter the workforce. Have you identified a need for new teaching material for your program? Are you an educator or professional who is considering writing a book? If so, we would like to work with you!

What we are looking for

Textbooks and learning resources to serve the college student market that are:

  • Teachable
  • Designed for common college courses (No minimum enrolment)
  • Hands-on
  • Engaging
  • Concise
  • Personal in tone
  • Relevant to the workplace

Author support

At Canadian Scholars, our experienced team of editors offers encouragement and support for college faculty throughout every step of the publishing process. We recognize the commitments of teaching instructors and go out of our way to make this process as easy and as seamless as possible for you. Our goal is to help you turn your initial idea into a book that will flourish.

Advisory service

Do you have a book idea but are unsure of where to begin? Have us connect you with a Canadian Scholars author on our advisory panel! College instructors on this panel have experience publishing their own books and will provide you with some practical guidance. Through a personal discussion of your idea either by phone or email, an author on our panel will offer you advice on how to develop your idea and how to define the market for your book.

We will create your book’s supplements

Does the textbook you picture require supplementary instructor resources such as a test bank, power point slides, an instructor manual, or study and/or sample exam questions? Our team is eager to save you time by assisting with the development of these materials.

Marketing and distribution support

Our publisher representatives based in Toronto and British Columbia are committed to marketing and distributing your book beyond the boundaries of your college.

Praise from our authors

Our authors include faculty members from colleges across Canada. Here is what they have to say about publishing with us:

“Thanks to the team at Canadian Scholars for taking this project on. As a post-secondary teacher first and foremost, I am heartened to have found a publisher with such dedication to providing quality teaching materials to Canadian students and their teachers.”

Ted Glenn
Professor and Program Coordinator of Public Administration
Humber College

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Canadian Scholars to you. Right from the proposal process, through to editing and publication, all of the staff were professional, talented, helpful, patient, and kind. My experience with the press confirmed my belief that an author can write a ‘good’ book, but the editing and publication team are the ones who make it ‘great’. If you’ve written a good manuscript, and want to make it a great publication, work with Canadian Scholars!”

Judah Oudshoorn
Professor of Community and Criminal Justice
Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Canadian Scholars provided my colleague and me with excellent support throughout the publication process, from clear guidelines and timely feedback on manuscript preparation to highly skilled copy editing. The team at Canadian Scholars are true professionals. It was a pleasure working with them.”

Steve Roe
Dean of Academic and Vocational Programs
Northern Lights College

“It was a pleasure working with the team at Canadian Scholars! They are such careful workers! We are totally impressed by their professionalism and expertise.”

Pamela den Ouden
Coordinator of International Education
Northern Lights College

Chat with an editor

We would love to discuss publishing with you! Contact Acquisitions Editor Colin Owen at 416–929–2774 ext. 241 or email colin.owen@canadianscholars.ca

If you and/or several faculty members are new to publishing and would like to learn more about the steps, contact Colin to request a publishing seminar.

Who’s Who at Canadian Scholars/Women’s Press

Lily Bergh (pronouns: she/her/hers) is our Publisher and Vice-President and is responsible for the overall direction of Canadian Scholars | Women’s Press. She has worked in publishing for over a decade and is excited to explore new areas of growth for our press.

Katherine Kurowski Katherine Kurowski (pronouns: she/her/hers) is an Editorial/Production Manager, working with authors and editors to bring their titles from development to production to publication. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and painting with watercolours.

Nick Hilton (pronouns: he/him/his) is an Editorial/Production Manager working on our titles through all stages of development and production. He enjoys working with authors and helping them bring their books to fruition. When he’s not wrapped up in book projects, Nick can be found in the woods communing with nature and hugging trees.

Colin Owen (pronouns: he/him/his) is the Acquisitions Editor for Business, Child and Youth Care, Communication, Education, English, French, Geography, History, and Nursing. He is also the editor for Canadian Scholars’ College textbook program. Colin spends a good portion of time reading philosophy and wandering. He is always excited to discuss new projects, emerging ideas, and course needs in your field.

Sarah Powell (pronouns: she/her/hers) is the Acquisitions Editor acquiring in Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, Health Studies (excluding Nursing), Social Work, Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology, Disability Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, Labour Studies, and Religious Studies. Sarah works in Canadian Scholars’ satellite office in Vancouver, and she’s eager to chat about new projects. After hours, she can be found taking in live music, wandering around Granville Island, and enjoying all the natural wonders BC has to offer.

Susan Silva-Wayne is the Acquisitions Editor for all of our social work titles. With a Master of Social Work degree, she has a personal interest in bringing critical perspectives to this field. Susan works closely with all of her authors to ensure that their books express their voices, while also meeting the needs of social work students and their instructors.

Natalie Garriga (pronouns: she/her/hers) is an Editorial/Production Manager, working to bring our titles all the way from draft manuscript through to printed book. She supports our talented authors as they develop their manuscripts, coordinates the peer review process, and works with freelancers to produce the finished book. Outside of work, she loves to read and shares her home and her books with two troublesome cats.