Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds
  • April 2007
  • 9781551303246
  • $64.95 Print

Social Movements in a Global Context

Canadian Perspectives
Rod Bantjes
Social Movements in a Global Context focuses on interpreting the resurgence in popular protest for a growin...
  • September 2004
  • 9781551302515
  • $79.95 Print

Critical Strategies for Social Research

William K. Carroll
Edited by Canadian sociologist William K. Carroll, this thought-provoking volume is designed for research m...
  • May 2004
  • 9781551302683
  • $39.95 Print


The Breached Citadel
Patrick Bellegarde-Smith
"The updated edition of this perceptive study could hardly appear at a more auspicious moment, as the lates...
  • March 2004
  • 9781551302720
  • $34.95 Print

Politics and Poetics of Migration

Narratives of Iranian Women from the Diaspora
Parin Dossa
This book uses gendered stories of displacement and re-settlement to interrogate our understanding of socia...
  • May 2003
  • 9781551302263
  • $69.95 Print

Profiles of Canada, 3rd Edition

Kenneth G. Pryke, Walter C. Soderlund
This third edition of Profiles of Canada combines depth, breadth, sophistication, and readability to offer ...
  • February 2003
  • 9780889614123
  • $39.95 Print

Studies in Political Economy

Developments in Feminism
Caroline Andrew, Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong, Wallace Clement, Leah Vosko
This collection brings together a number of significant articles from the journal Studies in Political Econ...
  • April 2000
  • 9781551301723
  • $34.95 Print

Dark Side of the Nation

Essays on Multiculturalism, Nationalism, and Gender
Himani Bannerji
These feminist Marxist and anti-racist essays speak to important current political issues. Though they begi...
  • July 1999
  • 9781551301488
  • $39.95 Print

Feminism, Political Economy, and the State

Contested Terrain
Pat Armstrong, M. Patricia Connelly
Feminist struggles have targeted corporate capital, male-dominated social structures, and patriarchal ideas...
  • October 1998
  • 9781551301174
  • $69.95 Print

Early Modern Social Theory

Selected Interpretative Readings
Murray E. G. Smith
Early Modern Social Theory: Selected Interpretive Readings is a collection of essays that illuminates the c...