Arts-Based Pedagogies

Integrating Culturally Relevant Creative Processes in K–12 Education

By Tanya Berg


Arts-Based Pedagogies explores the transformative potential of creative-learning through the implementation of arts integration in K-12 classrooms. Contributors share real-world experiences of bringing the arts into their curriculum and share success stories of using interdisciplinary approaches to build vibrant, student-centred environments that enrich student experience without sacrificing academic rigour.

Written from a Canadian perspective, Arts-Based Pedagogies merges theory and practice, providing practical implementations of teaching, learning, evaluation, and assessments that have enriched their own teaching practice and helpful steps pre-service and experienced educators alike can use to engage students in their own classrooms.

Expert contributors explore how various arts including dance, drama, visual arts, and music can cultivate critical thinking, independence, and confidence in students through decentering the Eurocentric methods of teaching and provide more tools and approaches to educators to meet the diverse needs of each student.

A perfect resource for those studying to be the next generation of teachers, this unique text brings the fine arts to the forefront of teaching methodologies and provides practical strategies to implement that will inject the exciting creativity of the arts into any subject for both the educator and the students.


  • Contains practical insights, tools, and strategies easy for any educator to incorporate into their own classroom
  • Contributors integrate Black, Indigenous, and Queer experiences and are leading educators in fields such as visual art, dance, drama, and music
  • Though written in a Canadian context, core concepts from this text can be applied internationally due to a universal approach that will work for most curriculum guidelines across the globe
  • Pedagogical features include learning objectives, figures, tables, text boxes, discussion questions, end-of-chapter glossaries of key terms, and further reading recommendations


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