Calculators and Cash

Case Studies in Financial Accounting, Audit, and More

By Alla Volodina, Marc Colasanti, Alexandra Popa, Amit M. Mehta


Calculators and Cash: Case Studies in Financial Accounting, Audit, and More offers a tried-and-tested collection of over 30 fresh and diverse case studies with a complete instructor’s manual of solutions. This book will assist students specializing in accounting to put foundational business concepts into practice.

With topics that have been traditionally underserved by other case study books, this book delivers comprehensive coverage of several areas relevant to students and professionals, including accounting, audit, finance, and tax.

This book’s scenarios, drawn from small to medium-sized companies, vary in both difficulty and length, making this a perfect resource to support in-class discussion, group analysis, presentations, assignments, and testing. Calculators and Cash is a suitable accompaniment to any introductory financial accounting or auditing textbook and will aid in the preparation for the CPA exam.



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