Challenging Notions, Third Edition

Critical Victimology in Canada

By Tammy C. Landau

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The expanded third edition of Challenging Notions introduces students to both the theoretical and the applied aspects of victimology and provides a critical foundation for evaluation. Tammy C. Landau, an expert in criminal justice, explores patterns of victimization in Canada, the experiences of Indigenous peoples in the criminal justice system, restorative approaches to victimization, and the challenges presented when the state is the perpetrator of crime.

This new edition contains updated statistics, census data, case studies, and discussion questions. New intersectional topics include trauma-informed justice and social movements such as defunding the police and Indian residential schools as well as information from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

With current scholarship, carefully curated cases, and thoughtful chapter discussion questions, this uniquely Canadian text is a valuable resource for second- and third-year university victimology classrooms.



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