Family Matters, Fourth Edition

An Introduction to Family Sociology in Canada

By Barbara A. Mitchell


Now in its fourth edition, Family Matters offers an enriched discussion on a variety of substantive issues experienced by diverse Canadian families across the life course. Adopting a feminist sociological approach throughout, this popular textbook explores family dynamics through a critical life course theoretical lens. This over-arching perspective is used to examine how social, economic, and historical processes related to gender roles, age and generational location, ethnicity and race, geographical location, and social change shape contemporary family life.

As a leading name in sociology, Barbara Mitchell has thoroughly updated the previous edition to reflect timely current events, recent census data, and cutting-edge research. Providing more detailed and nuanced discussions of many areas including life course and other styles of critical theorizing on families, this new edition examines the history of slavery and Black family life in Canada, Indigenous families, foreign/temporary workers, intersectional and racialized processes influencing families, youth activism, transgender children, technology and social media, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on aging families.

Approachable, concise, and filled with discussion questions, activities, and resources for further reading, Family Matters is the perfect resource for students enrolled in introductory or advanced level courses in family sociology and gender studies.


  • up-to-date material featuring current events, recent research studies and statistics, including census and other national data sets
  • new and expanded content on a wide range of timely topics, such as Indigenous and racialized family life, transgender children, technology and social media, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • includes updated instructor supplement package equipped with PowerPoint slides, video resource suggestions, and a test bank


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