Immigration and Canada

Global and Transnational Perspectives

By Alan B. Simmons


Immigration and Canada provides readers with a vital introduction to the field of international migration studies. This original book presents an integrated critical perspective on Canadian immigration policies, main trends, and social, economic, and cultural impacts. It offers up-to-date information on migration patterns and examines Canada in an evolving, global-transnational system that gives rise to imagined futures and contrasting real outcomes.

Key issues and debates include:

  • nation building and the historical roots of Canadian immigration
  • contemporary global migration
  • the changing national and ethnic origins of immigrants
  • immigrants, jobs, wages, and the economy
  • “designer” immigrants and the brain gain
  • the business of migration
  • demographic impacts of immigration
  • racism and prejudice facing excluded and marginalized populations
  • transnational citizens, diasporas, emerging identities, and struggles to belong
  • refugees, temporary workers, and foreign visa workers
  • undocumented migration and migrant trafficking
  • the baby bust and the future of international migration



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