The Public Metropolis

The Political Dynamics of Urban Expansion in the Toronto Region, 1924-2003

By Frances Frisken


The Public Metropolis traces the evolution of Ontario government responses to rapid population growth and outward expansion in the Toronto city region over an eighty-year period. Frisken rigorously describes the many institutions and policies that were put in place at different times to provide services of region-wide importance and skilfully assesses the extent to which those institutions and policies managed to achieve objectives commonly identified with effective regional governance.

Although the province acted sporadically and often reluctantly in the face of regional population growth and expansion, Frisken argues that its various interventions nonetheless contributed to the region’s most noteworthy achievement: a core city that continued to thrive while many other North American cities were experiencing population, economic, and social decline.

This perceptive and comprehensive examination of issues related to the evolution of city regions is critical reading not only for those teaching and researching in the field, but also for city and regional planners, officials at all levels of government, and urban historians.

The research, writing, and publication of this book has been supported by the Neptis Foundation.




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