An Introduction to Global Health, Third Edition

By Michael Seear, Obidimma Ezezika


The revised and thoroughly updated third edition of An Introduction to Global Health is constructed around three essential questions: why is population health so poor in developing countries, what is the scope of the issue, and how can it be remediated? By considering aspects of the topic that are often neglected—including poverty, malnutrition, wars, governance, and humanitarian disasters—Seear and Ezezika provide a comprehensive overview of the various determinants of global health and its inevitable companion, the modern aid industry.

This informative and accessible introduction examines potential solutions to health inequity via a combination of primary health care strategies, poverty alleviation, developing world debt relief, and human rights interventions. New to the third edition is an updated discussion on global health in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the addition of chapter summaries, critical-thinking questions, and recommended readings. This new edition is an ideal resource for undergraduate students in global health courses.


  • includes new chapter summaries, updated pictures and graphs, discussion questions, and additional recommended resources
  • concludes with a section about strategies for working safely in developing nations


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