Autism in the Ontario Context, Second Edition

An Introduction

By Kimberly Maich, Brianna M. Anderson, Carmen Hall

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Autism in the Ontario Context, Second Edition provides a thoroughly updated perspective on the history of autism in the province of Ontario, as well as the contemporary understandings, strategies, and best practices that influence effective intervention and support approaches. Drawing on evidence-based practices and interventions, Kimberly Maich, Brianna Anderson, and Carmen Hall provide concrete examples of localized research and practice within clinical, educational, and community-based settings that will enhance student comprehension of positive strategies. This introductory text features detailed examinations of autism-related experiences across the lifespan and incorporates an extensive range of pedagogical tools, that encourage reflection and deepen understanding.

Important updates include expanded discussions on siblings and extended family members, co-morbid conditions, support in childcare centres, sensory needs, and transition support. Content has also been updated to reflect current government-funded services, diagnostic terminology, and shifts in language and includes expanded discussion of programming changes and updated reports and statistics.

This fundamental second edition is accessible, engaging, and well suited to college and university programs in Ontario focusing on child and youth care, social work, and education. Courses may focus on autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, behavioural science, and teaching exceptional learners.


  • narrows in on autism in the Ontario context, taking into consideration education systems, services, resources, and policies unique to the province
  • highlights recent changes to programming, changes to local/provincial funding for support services and how this is now delivered, reform to the Ontario Autism Program 2019, the Ontario Autism Advisory Report 2019, the McMaster Autism Research Team, and the 2017 Autism Research Stakeholder Symposium Report
  • includes new feature boxes, case examples, strategies and practical tools, suggested assignments, thoughtful discussion questions, an updated test bank, and PowerPoint slides


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