Body Studies in Canada

Critical Approaches to Embodied Experiences

By Valerie Zawilski


How do we perceive ourselves and our bodies in relation to our physical, geographical, social, cultural, political, psychological, and spiritual environments? Body Studies in Canada uses intersectional methodological and theoretical frameworks to discuss the political and socio-historical discourses that shape body studies in Canadian society.

This edited volume delves into a variety of timely topics including postcolonial “othering” of the body; social discourses around healthy and un-healthy bodies; intersections of aging, gender, race, class, and size; the fitness industries’ promotion of the “ideal” body; the gendering of bodywork symbols and expressions in carceral environments; and self-awareness of “the body” in social and digital media.

In thirteen chapters, editor Valerie Zawilski brings together scholars from a wide variety of disciplines and expertise to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on how the body interacts reflexively with society. This collection is a foundational text for sociology of the body and body studies courses, as well as gender studies, political science, and health studies.


  • provides a uniquely Canadian perspective on body studies and the surrounding historical and political issues, with a focus on decolonization, racialization, masculinities, engagement with critical weight scholarship, and immigration
  • pedagogical features include section introductions, boxed inserts highlighting key concepts, learning objectives, questions for critical thinking, and a glossary


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