Political Ideologies in Canada

By Colin Campbell, Colin J. Campbell


Political Ideologies in Canada is a multi-authored introduction to the history, evolution, and current reality of Canadian political ideology, and is especially relevant to those familiar with Parties, Leaders and Ideologies in Canada (McGraw-Hill, 1996) or Political Parties and Ideologies in Canada (1974, 1983, 1990) by Colin Campbell and William Christian. Thoroughly updated and expanded, Political Ideologies in Canada reconceptualizes and modernizes the foundational knowledge of these earlier texts for a new generation.

In this expansive volume, authors Colin J. Campbell and Colin Campbell examine the structure of ideological differences and feature multiple perspectives layered with Canadian history, thinkers, ideas, politics, and ideologies. Part one demonstrates the relevance of ideology in multiple contexts and introduces students to core-traditional ideologies including forms of liberalism, conservatism, socialism, and social democracy. Part two explores ideological currents such as feminism, nationalism, populism, fascism, and environmentalism, as well as Indigenous perspectives on political ideologies. Focused on the Canadian context, this volume includes multiple perspectives layered with Canadian history, thinkers, ideas, politics, and ideologies, with contributions from Dr. Karen Ruddy and Dr. Jessie King.

Political Ideologies in Canada features a robust and explanatory introduction, a glossary, and supplementary essay questions for instructors, and is ideal for introductory political science courses.



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