Health Promotion and Quality of Life in Canada

Essential Readings

By Dennis Raphael


Health and quality of life are vital social reflections. The way a society distributes resources amongst its population tells us a great deal about the society itself. This unique volume unites readings that explore the integral link between quality of life and public policy choices.

The first section discusses individual perspectives on health promotion and quality of life and provides a conceptual basis for determining an individual’s or community’s standard. The next section addresses community and policy perspectives to show how quality of life is related both to the health of the population as a whole, and to collective choices that determine how material resources are distributed in society.

Part three places quality of life and population health within a political economy framework and uses the social determinants of health concept to illustrate how societies differ in their willingness to support their members’ quality of life and health. Part four examines vulnerable populations and their issues: the Indigenous community, persons with disabilities, women and the gender gap, and the effects of race and immigrant status on employment opportunities.

The final section suggests ways in which health promotion, quality of life, and the social determinants of health agendas can come together. It provides an up-to-date analysis of the barriers facing those attempting to improve quality of life and health, as well as the means to accomplish those goals.




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