In the Name of Love

Women's Narratives of Love and Abuse

By Heather Fraser


Although love is the hallmark of humanity, it is not widely discussed in social work and other related professions with respect to its potential connection to abuse. In this groundbreaking book the author argues that, while love and abuse should not co-exist, they often do.

Using a feminist narrative approach, stories about love, abuse, and social work are told with the purpose of understanding domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Based on interviews with 84 women of varying ages in Canada and Australia, the author shows how the pain and shame of intimate abuse can leave its mark on the bodies, minds, and souls of victims/survivors long after abusive episodes have ended. Additionally, Fraser also discusses the importance of hope, “enlightened witnesses,” income support, and educational opportunities for women who refuse to renounce love relationships altogether, but are instead trying to foster relationships that are respectful as well as erotic.



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