La francophonie en action

Utilisateur indépendant (B1)

By Caroline Lebrec, Frenand Léger, Miao Li


La francophonie en action is a revolutionary, four-volume textbook series utilizing the action-oriented approach (AOA) to learning French as a second or foreign language. The four core volumes are an immersive, complete language-learning system.

With a strong emphasis on the francophone world, including a much-needed focus on francophone and Indigenous Canada, this series covers multiple stages of French language learning (beginner, elementary, intermediate, and upper intermediate). The intended level of this first volume, B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), is for courses guiding students from elementary to intermediate.

While employing a variety of individual, interactive, and collaborative activities, students will be encouraged to engage in a way that ensures agency over their language learning process by presenting clear and simple forms of language inclusive of all gender identities and by interacting in real-life situations presented in the text for an authentic and experiential twist to their learning. Each title within the series is divided into distinct stages that each focus on one of the core modes of communication: reception, production, interaction, and mediation. The modules guide students through a series of purposeful and practical activities that trigger successful learning of the French language while promoting the development of plurilingual and pluricultural competences. Activities can be implemented on or off campus, to accommodate programs that utilize either in-class or remote learning.

The series is accompanied by robust pedagogical features, including instructor supplements and a companion website, which contains audio and video materials, self-checking grammar exercises, and additional student activities for each volume. La francophonie en action is a complete solution for all departments offering a French Studies program at Canadian, American, or international university. Canadian programs will be excited to see a much-needed focus on francophone and Indigenous Canada while also exploring the varied global francophone world.



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