La compétence avancée à portée de la main!

By Chantal P. Thompson, Stayc DuBravac


A unique text for upper-level undergraduate French students, Finalement uses a distinct, functional approach for advanced language instruction, blending grammar, conversation, and composition into an integrated learning experience with clear learning objectives.

Designed for two semesters, it can be tailored to the needs of programs that allot one semester or two quarters to their upper-level language course(s). The first part focuses on narration and description in all time frames in speaking and writing; the second part aims to lead students to partial control of superior functions, with a focus on developing opinions and hypotheses on a variety of current issues. Thought-provoking readings from a diversity of French and Francophone authors serve as springboards for the discovery of all necessary language features. Students will develop critical thinking skills as they infer how the language works and acquire strategies to use the language effectively in oral and written practice.

Compared to other resources on the market, Finalement is unique in its approach to functional proficiency development and higher-order learning. Speaking and writing activities are systematically spiraled from simple to complex, from concrete to abstract, and from connected to extended discourse. An answer key is provided, so that structured activities can be assigned as homework and class time reserved for meaningful communicative practice and strategy development.

Intended Level: Advanced


  • intentionally targets self-discovery, critical thinking, and clarity of thought and expression
  • designed to support a complete course for upper-level undergraduate students
  • includes learning objectives, discussion questions, speaking and writing activities, grammar exercises, and an answer key


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