Marxist Phoenix

Studies in Historical Materialism and Marxist Socialism

By Murray E. G. Smith


Looking to an increasingly perilous and inequitable future, many progressive activists and scholars are seriously questioning the capacity of global capitalism to guarantee the conditions for human well-being and sustainability in the 21st century. This development inspires the central inquiry of Marxist Phoenix: Will the intensifying contradictions and multiple crises of contemporary capitalism incite the emergence of a mass socialist workers’ movement committed not merely to the “reform” of capitalism but to its overthrow?

This collection of new and previously published essays, articles, and book chapters written over the last two decades makes the case for the indispensability of the Marxist-socialist project to the emancipation of humanity from material insecurity and ever-worsening social antagonism. Only a global workers’ movement committed to the fundamental tenets of Marxism—a triumphant Marxist Phoenix rising from the ashes of the multiple defeats of the 20th century—can open the road to real social progress.

Interdisciplinary, rigorous, and critically engaged with many currents in contemporary academic discourse, this volume is a timely contribution to the rebirth of a Marxist socialism that is at once scientific, emancipatory, and internationalist in its commitments.



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