Public Policy and Canadian Nursing

Lessons from the Field

By Michael J. Villeneuve


Public Policy and Canadian Nursing offers an extensive overview of health policy and the expanding role of nurses in Canada. Focusing specifically on the larger nursing profession, Michael J. Villeneuve examines how issues surrounding health politics, funding, and practices have been impacted by nurses.

The three modules cover: the basics of health care policy, terminology, and governance; the history and evolution of health care in Canada and population health status; the various models for influencing and impacting public policy; and the systematic challenges that lie ahead.

Unique from other texts published in the discipline, this guide will help students enter the nursing workforce better prepared to deliver high quality care and to manage teams, programs, organizations, and systems, by enlightening their understanding of the way health care services are structured, funded, and evaluated. This valuable resource is suitable for use in senior undergraduate and graduate nursing, psychiatric, and public health policy programs.


  • includes chapter highlights, learning outcomes, discussion questions, and brief sketches of notable public policy influencers
  • cites real-world examples of nursing action in public policy


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