Responding to the Oppression of Addiction, Fourth Edition

Canadian Social Work Perspectives

By Rick Csiernik, William S. Rowe, Gabriela Novotna


Responding to the Oppression of Addiction brings together the voices of over 40 academics and social work practitioners from across Canada to provide a diverse and multidimensional perspective to the study of addiction. This thoroughly updated edition features eight new chapters and streamlines the content of the previous editions, with chapters condensed and combined to create a more accessible text.

The fourth edition features new content on themes such as residential schools, prevention initiatives, special needs of different populations, policy perspectives framed within an anti-oppression standpoint, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the emerging topic of problem gambling. Returning chapters have been updated, with contributors providing more in-depth examinations of trauma-informed approaches. The entire volume has a strengthened anti-oppressive framework, on both an overarching and by-chapter level. This celebrated and varied collection is an indispensable resource for upper-level students, graduate students, and practitioners working in the fields of social work, addictions studies, and the helping professions.


  • thoroughly updated chapter-by-chapter content grounded in an anti-oppressive framework with deeper exploration of trauma-informed approaches
  • joined by updated instructor supplements including lecture suggestions and a glossary for each chapter
  • provides an authoritative analysis of the practices and policies that contribute to the construction of the meaning of addiction through a Canadian lens


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