Rethinking Normalcy

A Disability Studies Reader

By Tanya Titchkosky, Rod Michalko


Rethinking Normalcy introduces the growing field of disability studies to an undergraduate audience in a variety of disciplines and programs based in the social sciences, humanities, and health sciences. The authors articulate the depth and breadth of this newly emerging field of study and provide a vibrant foretaste of the kind of work disability studies scholars and activists do to provocatively question the power of normalcy.

Strongly interdisciplinary, this volume draws upon many different social and cultural approaches to address disability as a social and political construction. Diverse chapters unite theoretical perspectives and personal accounts to critically analyze notions of disability as a personal tragedy, an abnormality, or an individual matter. Topics addressed in this reader include a review of the discipline, the normalization of suffering, institutionalization, law and policy, education and work, and issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and nationality.


  • the chapters exemplify ways of questioning our collective relations to normalcy, as such relations affect the lives of both disabled and currently non-disabled people
  • over sixty per cent of this book features the work of disability studies scholars located in Canada



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