Social Movements in a Global Context

Canadian Perspectives

By Rod Bantjes

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Social Movements in a Global Context focuses on interpreting the resurgence in popular protest for a growing audience of university students. Most of this new activity is either in response to or makes use of emerging global regimes — hence, the book's emphasis on the global context as well as on strategies for trans-local mobilization. Equally important is the fact that the book adopts a Canadian perspective and highlights, where possible, Canadian case studies.

The chapters are organized around an explanatory framework, such as class analysis, or a core analytical question. Some of the chapters deal with historical content, but all make links to the immediate present and attempt to engage students in ongoing debates and struggles. The author makes connections between movements and the state, focusing on the dynamic of co-optation/coercion. The author also pays attention to the spacial dimensions of movement formation and tactics, which are particularly relevant in the present era of globalization.


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