Studies in Political Economy

Developments in Feminism

By Caroline Andrew, Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong, Wallace Clement, Leah Vosko


This collection brings together a number of significant articles from the journal Studies in Political Economy (SPE) that illustrate feminist political economy, reflect on the ways in which political economy incorporates feminism, and examine the evolution of Canadian feminist analysis over the past twenty years. Studies in Political Economy: Developments in Feminism is intended to evoke several ideas: the ways in which political economy has thought about, reflected upon and integrated feminism; the ways in which feminist ideology has been particularly insightful in providing ways for thinking through some of the central issues for a grounded Canadian political economy; the relation of theory and practice; and the relation of actors and structures.

Studies in Political Economy: Developments in Feminism is an invaluable teaching resource, as the articles are selected from across the twenty-year period of SPE’s existence. Introductions contextualizing each section explain the inclusion of particular articles and how they fit into the development of feminist political economy.



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