The Scientific Method in Forensic Science

A Canadian Handbook

By Mike Illes, Paul Wilson


Written for the Canadian forensic science student and the professional practitioner, this timely and practical handbook provides an experience-based learning tool. This text offers an understanding of scientific method and evidence-based analysis and how they relate to forensic science and its casework—from the crime scene to the courtroom—within the Canadian context. The authors explore the paradigm shift in forensic science, highlight basic skills like scientific reasoning and literature review, as well as untangle the complexities of ethics and bias, research design, critical thinking, and best practices for communication in various settings. Case examples and court testimonies are reviewed to underscore the importance of these concepts.

By blending real-life examples with scientific concepts like validation, peer review, accountability, and transparency, The Scientific Method in Forensic Science is a fundamental read for students in introductory forensics, criminology, police studies, and anthropology.


  • includes questions for critical thinking, suggestions for further reading, a glossary, and additional instructional popouts
  • provides an experience-based learning opportunity for understanding the scientific method
  • utilizes case studies and court transcripts to illustrate practical applications in a Canadian context


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