Access and Equity in the University

A Collection of Papers from the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Transistional Year Programme, University of Toronto

By Keren Brathwaite


This book is a collection of papers delivered at the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Transitional Year Programme (TYP) of the University of Toronto. It presents the collective and distinct voices of the contributors to the conference, many of whom are experienced university educators and are considered experts in the area of education access and equity. Among the contributors are past and present students of TYP.

The conference papers are focused on: the weight of university education in national development; significant current themes in education; class, race, and gender barriers to education equity; racism and stereotyping; changes universities must undergo in order to make real access a possibiility; school retention and drop-outs; standardized testing; mentoring; education; funding and student debt; curricula development; the value of culture in education; ethno-cultural equity in faculty hiring; and private schooling.

This book makes a valuable contribution to the discussion on equity, access, and democratizing education in Canada and will inform policy development and implementation at the university level.




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