Inclusive Schooling

A Teacher's Companion to Removing the Margins

By George J. Sefa Dei, Sonia James-Wilson, Jasmin Zine


Building on the theoretical and philosophical work found in Removing the Margins, Inclusive Schooling: A Teacher’s Companion to Removing the Margins lays out a practical approach to inclusive schooling for educators. As an accompanying volume, this companion guide helps move inclusive schooling from theory to social action.

Removing the Margins identified and challenged many of the cultural and systematic paradigms that perpetuate racism and other forms of oppression in mainstream schooling. Inclusive Schooling shows that by collapsing the artificial boundaries between schools, off-school sites, local communities and families, and by welcoming the spiritualities, languages, and indigenous knowledges that students bring with them, schools can be transformed from sources of oppression into sites for social transformation.




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