Transcultural Literacies

Re-Visioning Relationships in Teaching and Learning

By Karen M. Magro, Michelle A. Honeyford


Canada is more diverse than ever before, and the application of transcultural literacies in Canadian classrooms is needed for the successful growth of students and teachers alike. In this edited volume, world-renowned educators offer unique perspectives on the impact of race, culture, and identity in the classroom. With an interdisciplinary approach, this book investigates not only how teachers can design learning spaces to accommodate diverse students, but also how they can build literacy programs to complement and further develop the varied strengths, skills, and experiences of those students. Educators will learn to better understand the trajectories of immigration: how immigrant students often enter the classroom after living in multiple places, acquiring several languages, and forming memories of places that are different from Canadian socio-cultural and geographic landscapes.

Examining the roles of both teachers and students in transcultural language learning, this text will benefit students in teacher education programs and in graduate-level education studies that focus on language and literacy, diversity, and global citizenship.


  • contextualizes places and spaces that are very different from the geographic and socio-cultural terrain of Canada, preparing educators to design learning spaces for students who have such varied experiences
  • identifies how educators can build literacy programs around the strengths, linguistic diversity, and experiences of their students
  • includes pedagogical features such as chapter previews and visual organizers that introduce students to the ideas and concepts presented in each chapter, further recommend readings and websites, and guiding discussion questions


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