Unsettling Education

Decolonizing and Indigenizing the Land

By Anna-Leah King, Kathleen O'Reilly, Patrick J. Lewis


This edited collection tackles “unsettling” as an emerging field of study that calls for settlers to follow Indigenous leadership and relationality and work toward disrupting the colonial reality through their everyday lives. Bringing together Indigenous and non- Indigenous scholars and activists, Unsettling Education considers how we can reconcile and transcend ongoing settler colonialism.

The contributors reflect on how the three concepts of unsettling, Indigenization, and decolonization overlap and intersect in practical and theoretical ways. Questions are raised such as how can we recognize and address historical and current injustices that have been imposed upon Indigenous Peoples and their lands? How can we respect the fundamental and inherent sovereignty and rights of Indigenous Peoples as we work toward reconciliation? And how do we work collectively to build more equitable and just communities for all who call Canada home?

Unsettling Education is well suited for college and university courses in Indigenous studies or education that focus on decolonization, land-based learning, Indigenization, unsettling, and reconciliation.


  • acting as a foundational guide for settlers for engaging with truth and reconciliation, this collection includes writings by Indigenous scholars from a diverse range of communities whose insights can translate to policy changes, new dialogues, and structural frameworks
  • students are asked to focus on personal awareness, engagement, and transformation by unpacking identity, reflecting upon privilege and baggage, and disrupting the colonial underpinnings of everyday life
  • pedagogically rich with critical thinking questions, key terms, and further readings, this volume is beneficial for instructors looking to engage with decolonizing, Indigenizing, and unsettling practices in the classroom


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